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The Writer In Thought by Sworn-Exile The Writer In Thought :iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 0 0 Look Who It Is by Sworn-Exile Look Who It Is :iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 0 0
Mature content
Final Elite Roleplay - Jadeel :iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 1 15
FE Beginnings - Estie Oscura 3
Her body was shaking violently. Her eyes were still focused on her brother’s. She watched his face growing pale and she let her tears flow silently down her cheeks. Her head was pounding from all the dehydration, and she was losing all hope. Zak was gone. She was alone... all alone now.
Her almost catatonic state was suddenly diminished when she heard a series of gunshots from outside the jail room. The door was flung open and the lead guard stumbled backwards and onto the floor with a perfectly shaped round hole in his forehead. Estie moved to the bars and tried to peer out to see what the hell was going on. A tall, dark haired man entered with a smoking pistol in his hand. He was fairly muscular with a goatee, and had piercing blue eyes that seemed to cut through the murky atmosphere.
“Estie Oscura?” he asked the young rebel as he walked up to the cell. Estie stammered a little and moved back. “Y... yes,” she replied hesitantly. The man shoo
:iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 1 1
Mature content
FE Beginnings - Estie Oscura 2 :iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 1 3
Mature content
FE Beginnings - Estie Oscura 1 :iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 1 3
Soilwork by Sworn-Exile Soilwork :iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 0 3
FE Beginnings - Zoran Fenrir 3
The port of Trieste – a bustling trading post and rest point for many ships and their crews, the air filled with shouts and cries from market stalls as well as from dockyard workers who moved heavy equipment and supplies from one spot to the other. Seagulls traversed the skies overhead and a few dogs ran about wildly interrupting people’s movement. It seemed to be a busiest day of the week as people from outside of town were coming in to view the market stalls to see what they had to offer.
Zoran pushed a hand cart along which carried his slain parents and had covered them up with a large blanket to stop them from being seen at all. He had walked for days on end, as well as many miles just to make it to the nearest port town. His legs were weary and weak from the constant moving, and his arms ached from pushing his parents’ bodies around all that time. His blonde hair had become dirty and had the unwashed smell about it. His face was a bit grimy and wor
:iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 1 6
FE Beginnings - Zoran Fenrir 2
It was mid-morning when he reached South Rock Falls. Glorified with the sight he beheld, Zoran unloaded the pack from his back and set it down on top of a rock before he sat on it as well. His lungs breathed in the crisp, moist air around him and he had more or less forgotten the annoyance of actually coming to this place.
He decided to venture down to the base of the waterfall and clean his hair and rest for a while. He found a small path leading down to the pool at the bottom and used it to make his way there. He carried his pack in one hand and used his other to steady himself as he moved. The water was clean and untouched, looking so clear and inviting in the shining light of the sun. Zoran thought about going for a swim but he was not here for recreation. He plunged his head under the falling waters and rubbed his hair around to refresh it somewhat. He pulled out and shook his head, letting out a heavy breath of contentment. He reached into his pack and pulled out
:iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 2 7
FE Beginnings - Zoran Fenrir 1
It was a day saturated with clear skies and sunshine in a small Austrian village not far from the southern border of the country. A young, fresh-faced 19-year-old Zoran Fenrir traipsed through the long grass, which lay to the west of the village, and headed back after going to collect firewood for a fire. His jungle-green eyes glanced around the peaceful atmosphere that surrounded him and he breathed deeply with satisfaction. Zoran wore leather boots along with brown combat trousers and a dark green t-shirt along with a sheath on his back for his oriental sword.
His feet found their way back to his home and he walked through the oak door to see his mother leaning over a pot, which was placed on top of an open stove. “Firewood for your cooking mother,” he said as he plonked the small logs into a pile by the fireplace. His mother, Valna, glanced at him and smiled softly, her long blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders. “Thank you my dear. The joint w
:iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 1 2
Final Elite Beginnings Preface
Final Elite – Beginnings
The Final Elite – is an adaptation of Square Enix’s popular role-play game series, Final Fantasy. This particular concept was conceived and put into the form of an Internet role-play forum, hosted by invisionfree, and uses the layout of the modern world as it is today (i.e. continents and countries).
                 The idea emerged from two people who live in the Midlands, UK, and is comprised of a complexity of storylines all rolled into one. The creators, Tansa Smith and Andrew Wood, are both Final Fantasy fans and enjoy writing in a fantasy style and fermenting ideas to put down into story form. Tansa mainly produces and comes up with ideas for the concept artwork, while Andrew, along with Tansa, works on the concepts and ideas for the storyline.
:iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 0 9
Mature content
Feast of the Damned :iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 2 16
Memory Burns
I see that face that caused me so much pain,
I see the hand that caressed my very heart,
Those lips... that touched and brushed against my own
That turned to poison and destroyed my love.
To say that she was tender,
To say that she was the one
Is only a distant rememberance
Of what I felt inside...
So Strongly...
A burning memory
Streaks through my mind
Causing pain and torture
Throughout this time.
Forever burdened...
By this burning memory.
In my mind
Her eyes gaze at me,
Her lips start to kiss me,
Her hands wrap around me,
She tells me that she loves me...
Nothing but love I could see.
My rage builds,
My heart breaks,
My tears burn,
My body hurts,
My mind clouds,
My love cries...
Everything just dies.
(Repeat Chrous x2)
My rage builds,
My heart breaks,
My tears burn,
My body hurts,
My mind clouds,
My love cries...
Everything just dies.
:iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 4 6
Storm's Rage
The light
Comes down from above
Reaching down to the ground.
The fury
Seeps to the earth
And violence... ensues.
The clouds
Cover this metropolis,
Ominous and aluring.
The rage
Rumbles and echoes through the wind,
Shouting out its passion!
Storm! Storm! Storm!
Blankets your eyes,
Thunder rippling through the air,
And striking its foes
To the ground!
This is... Storm's... Rage!
How can you justify?
Why do you do this?
Punish what has given to you.
She cried oh so long and heavy
And weeps forever more!
This world
Will never recover
If the virus spreads more!
The power
Of the infuriated Terra
Will destroy us all!
(Repeat Chorus x 2)
Storm! Storm! Storm!
This is... Storm's... Rage!
:iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 2 6
Showers of the Soul
A shallow breath exits my mouth
And a beat of my heart is missed.
Every flow of the blood
Carries the soul's great torture,
From which it never heals.
Unwrap the spider's web,
That is my upset and torment,
And fall into the nothingness that is my heart.
The burning eyes and poisonous lips
Kiss my cheeks and whisper...
Shower my soul with ur fears,
Deepen your love with your tears.
Embrace my body and holster your heart,
For me your want will never part.
Will I ever break a smile
On the inside of my mind?
Will she ever escape my dreams
And never return to haunt them?
The answers escape me and leave me.
The rain of the soul
Falls through the misty eyes
And never returns to where they belong.
Will someone ever understand me?
Why I weep so?
Why I sleep so?
It will never go...
(Repeat Chorus x 2)
:iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 1 5
There is a way,
A one and only way
To make yourself feel good.
You never have to pay,
You'll never pay
The price of your despair.
Do you ever feel the need?
Do you ever want the need?
The need for appreciation.
You'll always be there,
Never anywhere but there
For your loved ones.
The feeling of rejection
Seers through my mind
And tears me up inside,
These tears I have forever cried.
No-one is there,
The pain I cannot bear.
Like a stab into your chest,
A hole in this chest
Gapes and groans.
Holding out your hand,
Stretching out your hand
For people who are not there.
Someone help me!
Someone save me!
Someone... please!
I need to be known!
I need to be cared for!
I need to be saved!
(Repeat Chorus x 2)
:iconsworn-exile:Sworn-Exile 1 4


IMPACT MOON by DestinyBlue IMPACT MOON :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 10,931 423 Before the Storm Comes by Ecthelian Before the Storm Comes :iconecthelian:Ecthelian 5,275 222 Fortress by Arkana-Fox Fortress :iconarkana-fox:Arkana-Fox 1 0 Steel Ronin Vs Flak Trooper by DrMostafaMortaja Steel Ronin Vs Flak Trooper :icondrmostafamortaja:DrMostafaMortaja 157 20 Delapre Abbey 12 by bunbunberry Delapre Abbey 12 :iconbunbunberry:bunbunberry 7 5 Delapre Abbey 13 by bunbunberry Delapre Abbey 13 :iconbunbunberry:bunbunberry 5 2 Delapre Abbey 14 by bunbunberry Delapre Abbey 14 :iconbunbunberry:bunbunberry 4 0 Delapre Abbey 17 by bunbunberry Delapre Abbey 17 :iconbunbunberry:bunbunberry 3 17 Tesla Trooper by DrMostafaMortaja Tesla Trooper :icondrmostafamortaja:DrMostafaMortaja 151 40 I wanna be the very best by twinfools I wanna be the very best :icontwinfools:twinfools 5,321 609 NightView of Auckland by Shutong NightView of Auckland :iconshutong:Shutong 2 1 Lake Wakatipu by Shutong Lake Wakatipu :iconshutong:Shutong 2 0 John Marston by doubleleaf John Marston :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 5,309 565
Prison of Skin
i feel my skin just holding me back
trying to contain some force that swells within me
it succeeds, and marks itself with scars to show it's victory
it traps all it holds, pulling me back into myself
the one place i just can't bear to be any longer
only a few windows left free of it's guard
my eyes give way to the forces,
pushing them out, and down my cheek,
as if to show my skin it is not invincible
and my lips, they open and give way to screams
screams of repression and torment
all brought on by what i should consider a part of myself
and so i feel it crawling, pulling
my muscles flex against an unseen tension
my bones vibrate in this casing, aching to be freed
everything in me is energized
a fire, a lightning bolt,
consciousness, soul, self
i don't' dare try to label it, knowing it to be too limited already
but i feel it, every moment i feel it swell in me
it screams for freedom, freedom it can't have
because i'm here, in my skin
it is not mine, i do not own it
i only trap it
tie it
:iconagainsthope:againsthope 1 1
Sunset in Auckland by Shutong Sunset in Auckland :iconshutong:Shutong 4 8 Purple Blaze by Gr-yFire Purple Blaze :icongr-yfire:Gr-yFire 4 0


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